Jun. 5th, 2016 07:33 pm
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I've been getting into plants quite a lot in this break between contracts. Perhaps a little too much, given that my lounge does not have an awful lot of space for any more pot plants. Hence this morning's DIY project. Thanks, IKEA, and no thanks to walls from the 1760s that make putting up IKEA shelves that are based on the Platonic Swedish Actually Flat Wall quite hard. Ah well.

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Yes! I am embracing change. I just switched to an S2 style for the very first time :D
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...just to say happy birthday, Jess :D x

Test post

Jul. 4th, 2013 10:51 pm
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Please bear with me. I'm just testing something in a certain new version of a certain OS, in whose last version the LJ "Post" button was disabled, which fault a certain company's Engineering department now assures me is fixed.

Holy moly!

Apr. 28th, 2013 11:51 am
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When did LJ finally add the ability to use digest authentication so I could read my friends page (including protected entries) in an RSS reader? I've been wanting that for, literally, about a decade...
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Earlier on I met my new upstairs neighbours for the first time. This happened in the traditional fashion of the warmer months, with us both happening to be out in our gardens at the same time -- I have a sunken courtyard in the basement, they have the main garden above, so my garden is basically "inside" theirs, albeit surrounded by railings and about 12 feet lower down.

They seemed like nice people. As did the man they had with them, an emergency gas man, replete with detector wand and cheery disposition. He was explaining to them how they get a lot of calls from tenants new to properties, who haven't quite got used to the occasional smell of unburned gas that often accompanies a nearby boiler flue -- in this case, like my flue, which vents at roughly their ground level into their back garden. (This isn't a problem, generally; most of my boiler use is in the winter, of course, when the neighbours aren't likely to be in the garden.)

So, with a few reassurances and a "better safe than sorry", he departed our gardens. I heard him detecting around the front of the house a few minutes later, with machines that were 1950s sci-fi sound effects gold, all a-beeping-and-a-whooping. And then he disappeared.

And that was the last I thought of him.

Until about ten to eight this evening, when I popped a DVD in the player, relaxed on the sofa, and the pneumatic drill started up outside.

Yup. Just wandered up to have a look, and there are three big white GAS EMERGENCY vans parked in our street, at that rakish angle specifically reserved for People In Quite A Hurry, and three men worriedly peering into a deepening hole, about ten feet up the hill from my front door.

This could be the beginning of a long night. Let's just hope it's not made more memorable by the idiot on the first floor who prefers chucking his fag ends out of the window to using an ashtray...


Nov. 25th, 2011 05:18 pm
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Stuffed Stuffed This weekend I am down seeing [ profile] kaveypie and [ profile] ahnlak in That London. Today that has mostly involved being Kavey's photographer as we tried the lunch at the The Rib Room. Here's the honeycomb being sprinkled onto my macerated oranges and vanilla bean ice-cream. The praline sauce was yet to come. It's a hard life.

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Hrm. My friend Tara appears to have convinced me to go along to a hot bikram yoga class. Because, of course, yoga won't be hard enough for me, without doing it in a room pumped up to 40C. I will report back on Saturday afternoon, assuming I'm still alive.
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Bah. Well, maybe there's a chance of some launches on Sunday, but it looks like my beloved Bristol International Balloon Fiesta might be a bit of a washout this year :( Hope that forecast is wrong. But it's windy and heavily overcast tonight, and I doubt there's much point in me getting up at 4:30am to walk up to tomorrow's planned dawn launch, unless I just fancy a long rainy walk.
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Happy birthday, Bob. :)


May. 6th, 2011 01:28 pm
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"He played a four-hundred-year-old Fender Stratocaster with all the switch-gear jammed full on, through a stack of Luthos amps -- each one with a guaranteed output of half a kilowatt -- and a battery of Hydrogen Line thirty-inch speakers. He had a loose-limbed Denebian queen, all pink flares and slashed sleeves, on bass; his drummer was a local man, looking seedy and aggressive by turns like all good drummers do. His sound:

"His sound was long-line and hairy; slow and grinding, full of inexplicable little runs and complications. He stalked the Denebian bass through the harmonies; he made sounds like breaking glass and exploding quasars, like dead ships and orbital confrontations and eras of geological upheaval; he made sounds like God.

"'I'm a highway child,' he sang, 'so don't deny me my name.'

"Which is all as it should be."

-- M John Harrison, The Centauri Device, 1974

I've not read any M John Harrison before. Clearly I should have done. *spends afternoon lost in a book*.


Mar. 1st, 2011 07:26 am
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Just heard that today is the day there's a ruling on whether charging blokes more for car insurance is a form of sex discrimination.

My first thought on hearing this was, "D'uh! Of *course* it's a form of sex discrimination. But that doesn't actually mean it's a bad -- or even unfair -- thing to do..."

But then perhaps I've been blinded by being in the insurance trade for so long. It's been about fifteen years now, come to think of it...

What d'you think, people? Should it be illegal for insurers to charge women less for car insurance because they cost insurers less?

What about my line of work? Is it a *bad* form of age discrimination to charge an eighty-year-old more for medical insurance than a twenty-year-old?
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Thanks for voting on my last survey, everyone. Although Balance got a flurry of last-minute votes, Near. Far. was the winner, and is now my November photo of the month.

As well as still going back to process September's photos, having nipped out on the Bristol Flickr Christmas Walk yesterday, around our rather frozen harbour, I might have to go back and change my choice for December as well, because I thought this one was pretty nice:

On the Rocks

In other news, had a very nice Christmas with my adoptive family in Swindon; it's possible that the only way to properly enjoy Christmas is to borrow someone else's children if you don't have your own... But now happily back in Bristol for a week off alternately chilling out and getting much-overdue house tidying/DIY/minor decorating done.
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Merry Christmas all!

So far, I have mostly stood outside with a fan heater on an extension lead, pointing it at gas, electricity and water pipes while fiddling with valves. I survived that, and I now have water again, so I'm going to take a well-earned shower and head off to spend the day with my Swindon-based mates :)
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I'm playing catchup on my "Favourite Photo of the Month" set. Can you give me a hand with November?

Pics and Poll )
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Though I've been a bit tired and busy this week, and have skipped a few days, I have now finally made it up to 256 daily pictures on DailyBooth. The 256 is significant not just because I'm a geek, but because the full view of the The Rather Odd Square Of Matt is now properly square for another day or so.

Just keep hitting "More Matt", if you're not too disturbed by it :)
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I'm feeling quite on the edge of things recently. I mean, a bit transitional. Liminal, as I've been noticing that William Gibson likes to say. I feel like there should be more change going on in my life, and that there probably will be, any minute now. And that perhaps I should be the agent of that change, but that I'm not being.

I also feel a bit lacking in integrity, by which I mean that I'm very often thinking one thing, but doing the other. Which is not that brilliant for my sanity. Or doing counterproductive things, like bumping up the jogging but at the same time bumping up the amount of food I'm eating, and therefore still not losing any weight at all (as I've observed elsewhere recently, I've been jogging for nearly eighteen months now, and have transformed myself from a fat bloke, to a fat bloke with muscular legs. Bleh.)

I'm letting things go by the wayside, too. You may have noticed an absence of "photo of the month" posts the last couple of months. I'm so far behind in my photo processing that I've not got around to September yet. There's two holidays' worth of stuff to look through for good ones since then.

I'd quite like the world to stop for a month or two to give me a chance to catch up, but at the same time I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I want to do that I've been defaulting to sitting on a sofa watching slightly rubbish TV while eating chocolate just a tad too often, too.

I didn't actually have a point here -- sorry if you were expecting one -- but "post to LJ more" is one of the many things that have been in my cluttered mental to-do list for far too long, so I figured a quick post about what was going on in my head at the moment would be good.

In more concrete, real-world news, I had a lovely weekend -- although I got Very Pissed1 on Saturday night and then had to struggle back to Bristol from London, but that was to have a lovely Sunday with Kavey and Pete, so it all worked out in the end. Lovely meals, lovely company. If you're in Bristol at any point, I think we can pretty heartily recommend both the Bath Ales "Graze Bar and Chophouse" on Queen Square and also the little Rosemarino cafe in Clifton Village (on what used to be the site of the York Cafe, since demolished and rebuilt...)

I'm sure Kavey will be posting rather more details than that on her excellent foodie blog at some point :)

And that's about all I can think of at the moment.

1One of the liminal states I'm in is the state between "teetotal" and "drinking again", and I'm still not sure how I'm feeling about that one.

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