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[ profile] juggzy's post about the shiny, lovely, not-at-all worryingly thoughtpolicey new content-filtering features of LJ coincided with me finding a tutorial on making animated icons with the GIMP. It was therefore fated that I create this icon for her.

In other news, I finished off the second set of twenty articles for the book yesterday morning, emailing them in from Barista's while having my morning latte in a fashion that made me feel decidedly writerly and urbane.

That should, hopefully, be it for me and writing deadlines for a while. I'm still going to be writing, of course, but it'll be nice to know that I'll have the time to do such trivial extras as starting to think about my Christmas shopping.

(I don't think I'll be buying a lot, this year. But I'm going to try and start thinking about it right away, rather than panicking about it in three weeks' time, which would be my normal pattern...)
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Looks like the book I'm working on has gone a bit more public, now: here's a brief snippet mentioning it on the Unlikely Science blog, for anyone who's been wondering why all they've heard from me over the last few weeks is muffled swearing coming from underneath a pile of paper.
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Right. Have had nice hot bath and followed my lemsip with an espresso chaser. Now feeling ready to do stuff. I'm not going to plan to do too much today, as I'm guessing my energy levels won't be high, so:

  • Go through one of the GIMP tutorials from the Meet the Gimp podcast. I'm trying to get good with the GIMP because it's so handy for both web design and photography (and because I can't afford Photoshop.)

  • Research HDTV for the last article in this second batch of ten I'm writing. This is an interesting one, because I've never seen an HDTV, as far as I know. I've still got a big ol' tube TV, and I'm not even planning on advancing to a flat screen unless this one dies.

  • Design a nice menu for a WordPress theme I'm working on (both for my own use and also because it would be good to know how to customise WordPress themes.)

  • Get all the laundry done.

That'll probably be enough goals for a day of illness.
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A nice-slow-crawl-into-the-day morning for me, as I have the day off work. And this afternoon I'm going to the Folk House to attend a "Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Freelance Journalist", which should be very useful at this particular point in my life...


Jul. 13th, 2007 10:00 am
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Okay, so this is twice in one day I'm posting pointers to articles elsewhere on the net. But I've got a good reason for this one, because it's one of mine. Here's my article on WiTricity, which hopefully has a good stab at explaining what all the buzz is about (a) without breaking the explanation of the underlying science too much, while (b) not going into too much detail.

Anyway. I'm going to get through a day's work and then to a hen party, having just brought a pram in on the ferry. I love my life :)
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Today I have mostly been working on another article for Null Hypothesis. That's gone pretty well, so I'm going to go have lunch, then come back and finish in the early hours of this afternoon. Then I might get around to watching a film, which is a pretty rare occurrence for me...
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This week, on the novel-writing course, our tutor gave us leaflets about the Bridport prize, a short-story competition that she thought we'd be interested in. Now, I'm interested in it, but the closing date for entries is the end of the month, which is quite a tight timescale.

This weekend I've mostly been trying to figure out what I should write, looking back through my collected notes and ideas, and I think I'm on the verge of committing to one, which is good, having taken a long walk in the woods to think about it. Now all I've got to do is actually commit to it, and then write it. Hmm.

I took some time off today, after the walk, to watch this week's Doctor Who, which was absolutely splendid. I had a feeling it was going to be splendid because the opening credits said it was written by Steven Moffat, who was also responsible for The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, and The Girl In The Fireplace. He's a brilliant writer (and, unlike a certain Mr. Davies, knows how to make very frightening monsters without blowing the budget on CGI...) I was not disappointed.
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She wore a red dress. The hem fell just to the knee, with a fine pair of calves to the floor. Two red shoes held her feet high on the tips of her toes. Her lips, like the shoes, were gloss red, and blonde hair framed a sharp face, sharp and clear and calm.
Her eyes were blue. She stood tall, six feet I'd say, with her heels and her poise. Her hand lay light on the rail as she looked out on the town. I felt the need to join her, to touch her far-flung mind, to be with her. But I was too scared.
I left her there, dress blown in the wind at the edge of the flat roof.
It was the last time I saw her.
It was the last time she was seen.
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The novel-writing course started yesterday. It was a good start, I think; the woman running it, Rosemary Dunn, is very good, and definitely knows how to write something, at least, because I've seen her reading her work at at least one poetry evening, and her poetry is great...

Nothing too revelatory so far; an introduction to free writing, which I already at least knew about, and the usual admonitions to sit down and bloody write, because that's how you get writing done (as with all good advice, it sounds obvious, really works, and is quite hard to put into practice...)

There was a good exercise at the end where you had to "draw" your novel on a big sheet of paper, which sounds odd but, for me at least, immediately made the strengths and weaknesses of the novels stand out. In mine you could see the two main characters being about fifteen times as big as the rest of the characters, because I've worked on them a lot at the expense of the rest of the cast. Also, my picture was very static, whereas the people who have actually got their plots sorted out properly drew paths/storyboard-type-things which showed the journey of their characters...

So, that was quite interesting. And there will be lots of stuff on structure and plotting to come, which should help out. Now all I've got to do is dig up some time to do some of the homework.

Speaking of which, I've been thinking of knocking the guitar lessons on the head, at least for a while. It seems to have turned into too much of a chore, really. And I'm not feeling very motivated at all. I've hardly picked the thing up for the last few weeks, and I think that's because I should be doing it, I have to do it, etc., whereas I used to pick the guitar up because I just enjoyed mucking about on it.

Maybe I should leave the guitar as something that I just enjoy fooling about with, and don't actually have to get better at for any reason. Everyone needs some pressure-free relaxation time, and that used to be mine, really (maybe because I don't watch that much TV!) I've got a lesson this evening; I think I'll talk it through with my teacher.

Novel Idea

Mar. 29th, 2007 09:54 pm
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I just signed up for a course at the Folk House:

"Write That Novel Now: A 12-week novel writing course. What are editors loooking for? How can you increase the likelihood of getting published? Are you writing the novel you should be writing? Whether you have started or at the ideas stage, bring along your budding novel for workshopping in some zing, structure, and pizazz"

I took it as a hint that the details of the course dropped through my letterbox a couple of days ago, about halfway through me re-reading my NaNoWriMo novel to see if I could fix/recycle it...

In comedy news, I saw a link to this on Cory Doctorow's blog: RIAA Lawsuit Decision Matrix.

Horror Day

Oct. 13th, 2006 10:10 am
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A few of you will have read this before, because this is an old story of mine (and slighly embarrassing to me now, as old stories tend to be.) Still, it's Friday 13th, and it's Horror Day, so I'm reposting it as the story of mine which is closest to horror, if not actually horror...

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