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[ profile] juggzy's post about the shiny, lovely, not-at-all worryingly thoughtpolicey new content-filtering features of LJ coincided with me finding a tutorial on making animated icons with the GIMP. It was therefore fated that I create this icon for her.

In other news, I finished off the second set of twenty articles for the book yesterday morning, emailing them in from Barista's while having my morning latte in a fashion that made me feel decidedly writerly and urbane.

That should, hopefully, be it for me and writing deadlines for a while. I'm still going to be writing, of course, but it'll be nice to know that I'll have the time to do such trivial extras as starting to think about my Christmas shopping.

(I don't think I'll be buying a lot, this year. But I'm going to try and start thinking about it right away, rather than panicking about it in three weeks' time, which would be my normal pattern...)
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In stealing a bit of the latest XKCD for iconage (mostly for those of my flist who might identify, somehow...) I used Stanford's new VectorMagic service, which I figured some of the more graphical of you guys out there should know about, if you didn't already.

It's an online service which does a bloody good job of turning several different types and styles of bitmap into good vector images. In this case it managed to do this, which I was well impressed with:


(it doesn't show up quite so well in the 100x100 icon, but it's much better than it was as a scaled bitmap. I may work on that when I've got more time)

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