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Okay, I'm impressed. Considering that they didn't have the part in stock when I dropped it off last Thursday lunchtime, and that they've replaced the entire top layer of my MacBook, cracked bit, keyboard, trackpad and all, I'm pretty amazed that it's now back in my hands. Kudos to Apple (and Western Computer of Bristol) for being really very good at handling warranty repairs.
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The bad news is that my MacBook has developed a minor crack in the casing, as have so many other people's that I've just discovered a Flickr group devoted to photos of the problem. The good news is that I took it into the local Apple authorised place in Bristol today (handily five minutes' walk from work), they'll be fixing it under warranty, and I should get it back in a few days.

Sure, I know this is exactly what should happen and no more, but I can't help but feel that if it'd been a Windows laptop from Dixons that I'd probably still be in the shop arguing with someone, so while it's been a bad experience from a product quality point of view, it's been a very good one from an after-sales service point of view. Ho hum.

Anyway. I think I'll go to bed while I still have the energy to do so...

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