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I'm a random geek from Bristol, England. Among other things, I'm a programmer, a photographer, a journalist, a jogger and the webmaster of the utterly pointless Unique Sentence website.

I recently started running with the help of my friend Ben's iPhone App, Get Running. I sometimes post in the C25K community on LJ, but mostly I blog my running on Matt Gets Running, my non-LJ blog.

Most of my journal is friends-only, but I'm usually happy to allow complete strangers from anywhere on the planet onto my friends list. Friend me and drop me a line, or leave me a comment, or just lurk until I notice you, or whatever, and you'll be about 99.9999% certain of being friended back. I don't guarantee entertainment value, though :)

Things you'll find in my journal are the usual ramblings about life, occasional postings of art I've created, musings on my progress in karate, extracts from articles I'm writing, and maybe the odd piece of fiction or (bad) music.

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