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I'm feeling quite on the edge of things recently. I mean, a bit transitional. Liminal, as I've been noticing that William Gibson likes to say. I feel like there should be more change going on in my life, and that there probably will be, any minute now. And that perhaps I should be the agent of that change, but that I'm not being.

I also feel a bit lacking in integrity, by which I mean that I'm very often thinking one thing, but doing the other. Which is not that brilliant for my sanity. Or doing counterproductive things, like bumping up the jogging but at the same time bumping up the amount of food I'm eating, and therefore still not losing any weight at all (as I've observed elsewhere recently, I've been jogging for nearly eighteen months now, and have transformed myself from a fat bloke, to a fat bloke with muscular legs. Bleh.)

I'm letting things go by the wayside, too. You may have noticed an absence of "photo of the month" posts the last couple of months. I'm so far behind in my photo processing that I've not got around to September yet. There's two holidays' worth of stuff to look through for good ones since then.

I'd quite like the world to stop for a month or two to give me a chance to catch up, but at the same time I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I want to do that I've been defaulting to sitting on a sofa watching slightly rubbish TV while eating chocolate just a tad too often, too.

I didn't actually have a point here -- sorry if you were expecting one -- but "post to LJ more" is one of the many things that have been in my cluttered mental to-do list for far too long, so I figured a quick post about what was going on in my head at the moment would be good.

In more concrete, real-world news, I had a lovely weekend -- although I got Very Pissed1 on Saturday night and then had to struggle back to Bristol from London, but that was to have a lovely Sunday with Kavey and Pete, so it all worked out in the end. Lovely meals, lovely company. If you're in Bristol at any point, I think we can pretty heartily recommend both the Bath Ales "Graze Bar and Chophouse" on Queen Square and also the little Rosemarino cafe in Clifton Village (on what used to be the site of the York Cafe, since demolished and rebuilt...)

I'm sure Kavey will be posting rather more details than that on her excellent foodie blog at some point :)

And that's about all I can think of at the moment.

1One of the liminal states I'm in is the state between "teetotal" and "drinking again", and I'm still not sure how I'm feeling about that one.
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